When it comes to temporary offices in Milan, it is often left out the quality of thetemporary office in Milan.

Area, type of the building, hygiene and cleanliness, care for detail, high quality equipments, elegant furniture, are only a few elements that make a difference and transform our temporary office in Milan into a qualified space suited to many needs. Especially if you aren’t a complete master of knowing a city like Milan, it isn’t enough to rely on the pictures of a website to understand if the proposal of temporary office is competitive in the quality/price ratio.

Our temporary offices in Milan are located in a strategic position, at 30 meters from the Central Railway Station of Milan, in a building exclusively used for offices, in an area considered to be the executive business center of the city, where, not by chance, there is the head office of the Lombardy Region and the representative offices of many great Italian and multinational companies.

Our temporary offices are excellently served by ground public transport and by 2 underground lines of the Milanese metropolitan area.

From the Central Railway Station, adjacent to our temporary offices, depart and arrive fast shuttles and trains to reach Milan airports and all city hinterland. At a short distance from our temporary offices there are numerous parking lots open 24 hours a day, an endless series of fascinating hotel offers on various levels, both economical and 5-star luxury.

The streets of the district where our temporary offices in Milan are located offer lots of restaurant proposals, spaces and stores for shopping.

Being able to work or receiving guests in our temporary offices in Milan means fully living your own time, without having to suffer idle moments or time needed to move, using and offering an infinity of conveniences that will render more fruitful and relaxing both your work and that of your guests.